Filter or Remove special charecters or space from string in php

Hello guys if you want to remove all special chareters like (&  # @ % , ' ! )  etc every thing then this post is really helpful for you .

Watch below example  :

My string is like this "Lakeside Landing , RV Resort & Marina" and in my case  i want to remove & , and space with  '-' so i write code like below 

$heading = "Lakeside Landing , RV Resort & Marina";

 $heading= ereg_replace("[^A-Za-z0-9]", "-",$heading)  ;

Output :  Lakeside-Landing---RV-Resort---Marina

In this hyphen is come more than one times .So now again i want to only single '-' .So i write again this code.

 $heading= preg_replace('/-+/', '-', $filter_heading);

Now i return this Output :  Lakeside-Landing-RV-Resort-Marina

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