How to get only not null array index and value in php

I want to count the total number of element of an array.But my problem is that when i am counting the element of array using count() or sizeof() function then its also count that index which value is empty .

My array is below :--

    [search_type] => both
    [keywordname] => 
    [keywordlname] => 
    [keywordemail] => 
    [keywordphone] => 
    [keywordfax] => 
    [keywordnote] => testing
    [keyworddocument] => 
    [keywordtask] => 
    [keywordcity] => 
    [keywordstate] => 
    [keywordzipcode] => 
    [keywordcountry] => 
    [keywordcorporate] => 
    [keyworddirector1] => 
    [keyworddirector2] => 
    [keywordstatefiled] => 
    [keywordentity] => 
    [keywordfromtime] => 
    [keywordtotime] => 
In the above array i want to count that only which value is not empty.
So i want to result 2.

echo "Count is ".count(array_filter($array));
Description : array_filter() will get only that array keys and values which
are not empty.Now i am using count() to count the array element.  
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