Add "You might also like this" widgit on blogger or your website

In some blogs and websites you may have seen this ‘You might also like’ widget somewhere below the posts in the footer part. It will help you to keep your readers for some more time on your blog. Here in this tutorial I will take you through a set of instructions on how to add ‘You might also like’ widget for blogger or website like below preview .

Below is simple steps to add this widgit :

1- Step First of all go to linkwithin. website.

 2- Step : Fill the form with ,
a- Enter your email
b- Enter Your Bloglink (Your blog url with http://)
c- Choose the platform as 'Blogger'.
            d-    You can decide how many stories you want to show below posts, May be 
              set to 3,4 or 5.
e.      Now choose Light Dark Combination if your blog has light background then leave it blank otherwise check that Box.
f-  Click on 'Get Widget!' button

3-Step : Now you display another screne if you are selected Blogger platform in form like below preview .

4- Step : Now you just need simply click on Add Widget button .

5- Step : Now drag and drop to the bottom of the Blog Posts section like below preview .

You did it successfully ....... chears 

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