How to transfer file from local to server using PSCP.

If you don't have access of the your server from ftp then pscp is the better way to transfer files from your local machine to server. Before going to use pscp command you need to download pscp from this link Click Here .After finish the download you need to install it and save it ppk file anywhere on your computer system. In my case i saved my ppk file on my desktop with the name "fp_app_famcom.ppk" and i want to transter my app.js file from my Desktop to "/var/www/html/app/client/app/sample" directory on server. So below is the command - 

Below is my files location:

Command Syntax :

pscp [options] sourcelocation user@host:targetlocation

Below is the example:

pscp -P 2222 -i fp_app_famcom.ppk app.js famcom@

Steps :

1- Open the terminal by pressing Window+R key from keyboard and type cmd and press enter

2- Go to file where you saved your ppk file like below. In my case i saved it on desktop

3- Copy and paste the above command. Don't forgot to change the of ppk file name, sourcelocation, targetlocation and host name with your and press enter

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