How to write data in existing excel using NODE.JS

Today i finally solve a big problem in my current node js project. Actually i have a requirement to write data in existing excel document. I already have an excel so i just need to open it and write some data and then save it. But unfortunately i unable to find a way to do this from a long time. After googling a lot i found a node module "xlsx-populate". Its fulfill my requirement. You can check the more detail about it from git hub link

Below is my server code of nodeJS  :'/writeEmployeeDataExcel',function(req,res){
  var data = req.body;
  var index = ['title', 'first_name', 'last_name', 'email', 'dateofbirth', 'hire_date'];
  var filename = "newemployeesheet.xlsx";
  var workbook = Workbook.fromFile("../client/app/downloads/employeeTemp.xlsx", function (err, workbook){
   if (err) return res.status(500).send(err);
   var sheet = workbook.getSheet(0);
   var i=0;
   for (var rowNum = 2; rowNum < parseInt(data.length)+2; rowNum++){
    var row = sheet.getRow(rowNum);
    for (var colNum = 1; colNum < parseInt(index.length)+1; colNum++) {
     var cell = row.getCell(colNum);
     var exceldata = '';
     if((index[colNum-1]=='dateofbirth' || index[colNum-1]=='hire_date') && typeof data[i][index[colNum-1]]!='undefined'){
      var dateNow = new Date(data[i][index[colNum-1]]);
      var dd = dateNow.getDate() < 10 ? '0' + dateNow.getDate() : dateNow.getDate();
      var monthSingleDigit = dateNow.getMonth() + 1;
      var mm = monthSingleDigit < 10 ? '0' + monthSingleDigit : monthSingleDigit;
      var yy = dateNow.getFullYear().toString();
      exceldata = date = dd+'/'+mm+'/'+yy;
      exceldata = data[i][index[colNum-1]];
   fs.exists("../client/app/downloads/"+filename, function(exists) {
    if (exists) {

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