Javascript advance tropic that you should learn in 2020 - 2021

Sometimes it might seem you know everything. There is nothing to strive for, nothing to learn, and you lose motivation. This is the perfect time to start getting familiar with advanced topics that will push your limits and help you become a better version of yourself!

Very few people should know every feature of the Javascript syntax. The vast majority of developers, including those building large applications, and those at a very senior level should really know what they need to do their job, while also knowing where to find more information.

Below I listed some advanced topics and techniques of JavaScript learning which allow you to understand and write modern, reliable, and effective code - 

Tropic 1. Async Programming:

I recommend starting to learn the async programming concept. It's a very important topic that every frontend or Javascript developer should understand. Ecma script introduces CallbacksPromises, and Async / Await functions that will ease your journey in your async programming journey.

Tropic 2. this:

I strongly recommend you to learn how ‘this’ keyword works in JavaScript, what it points to, how to determine it, and in which way you can set what ‘this’ should point to. Once this topic is learned, you’ll open some advanced techniques such as “method borrowing” and others that rely on advanced use of the ‘this’ keyword.

Tropic 3. Prototypes:

Learning how JS prototyping and prototype chaining works will allow you to understand the principles and mechanisms of object property resolution.

In case your code uses OOP patterns, prototyping can help you organize and optimize your JS ‘classes’.

Tropic 4. Object property flags and descriptors:

In case you need to create not just plain objects in JavaScript, but objects with special behavior - learning about object property flags and descriptors is a must.

Defining an object's properties in a special way will allow you to create a special behavior.

Tropic 5. Object property getters and setters:

This topic will help you discover how to create custom getters and setters for some of the properties of your objects.

Tropic 6. Symbols:

If described before object behavior customization is not enough - this is a good topic to be learned! Want to get rid of object property name collisions? Symbols will let you do that!

Tropic 7. Proxies, Reflect:

Learning about proxies and reflect will help you find how to virtualize objects, create custom getters and setters (event with data flow validation!), define private properties, and many more.

Tropic 8. Generators and Iterators:

Want to add some syntactic sugar to your code or implement a nice-looking state machine? This topic is a good choice.
Once you’ll get familiar with it, you can read and write modern readable JS code!

Tropic 9. Typed Arrays:

Dealing with binary data or memory consumption optimization? TypedArrays will easily help you to get access to your binary data.

Tropic 10. Map and Set:

If JavaScript’s Array and Object capabilities for storing data are not enough for you, Map and Set collections might be the ones you are looking for!

It’s very easy to get comfortable and slack off once you start creating some nice tech solutions. However, it’s important to remember that there are no limits to what you can accomplish, even in JavaScript.

So, get a grip of yourself and start learning the advanced topics of JavaScript that I recommended. Your clients would be in awe of your code.

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Cheers :) 

Happy Coding...

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